We help your business grow with the right website development and hosting mix to fit your needs! At Cloud Intexch we understand that it’s not all about technology, its about business and specifically, your business!

We Knew About Business Before We Learned the Technology

Our CEO, Steve Moreland, received his Marketing degree at the College of Business at the University of South Florida before learning all about programming, servers, and the Internet. After graduating from USF he began selling computers for a small computer company. From there he began working in the Software Development Sector of Lockheed Space Operations Company at Kennedy Space Center updating documentation for various Shuttle systems. From there, he moved to the Firing Room of the Launch Control Center approving software changes to Shuttle software builds. He has also worked with the software test group at Harris Government Systems Sector, the IT department at Motorola, as a software consultant for J.C. Penney’s Headquarters in Plano, TX and for AT&T in Orlando, FL just to name a couple.

Steve started Intexch, Inc. in 1995 to build and host websites for small to medium size businesses. Back then his biggest challenge was trying to get others to understand what the Internet and websites were all about. He no longer has that problem.

We Grow By Listening

We have always been good listeners and carefully grow our company by listening to your needs. We do not want to offer or sell you a service that you really do not need or cannot use. We are continually changing and improving our business to keep up with the changing face of business. We are open to your suggestions and requests. Please use our contact page to contact us about any suggestions or questions you might have about hosting your website.