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Why Us?

Cloud Intexch - Dependable Website HostingWhy Host Your Website With Cloud Intexch?

Experience – We were hosting websites before most people knew what the Internet was. Back then, our biggest challenge was explaining what the Internet is and what web pages were for. That’s no longer a problem. Still, many know little about setting up a website, registering a domain name, etc. We try to make establishing an Internet presence easy so you can focus on your business and your clients without having to become an Internet guru.

Dependability – We go out of our way to keep our clients happy. As any successful business owner knows, it is much more affordable to keep existing clients than it is to find new ones. One way of doing that is to provide dependable hosting services so that when your site is up it stays up. Our data center has gas powered backup generators, 24/7 on-site security, managed servers, and website backup.

We don’t stuff our servers – The big name host providers can offer those ridiculously low costs and still show a profit because they stuff each of their servers with as many websites as possible. This ultimately results in your website taking forever to come up during peak usage and also contributes to server down time. We will not stuff our servers and monitor speed and performance so you know that your clients can bring up your website quickly to find the information they are searching for.

No Porno – It has always been a standing policy with Cloud Intexch Hosting that we WILL NOT host pornographic websites. These types of website are extremely taxing on a single server. If your website is sharing hosting space with a website that features pornographic content, then you are paying the price with slower access speeds and lost customers who just couldn’t wait around for your website to finally come up.

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