Complete Website Service since 1995

Full Website Services for your Business

Full Website Services for your Business

Many business owners find creating a website a big pain, whether they attempt to do it themselves or hire it out. We’re here to help!

We have been developing and hosing websites since 1995 (we must be doing something right). The key to staying in business that long is looking after our clients. Most web companies offer a part of the mix. They might be good at designing your website but leave providing the content for the site up to you. They might know Social Media but nothing about secure, reliable website hosting and throw your website up on the cheapest host provider they can find. Many website houses, create a website for their clients but are no where to be found when their clients want to make some simple updates (we hear about this often).

Intexch Website Design & Hosting will create a business class website that fits your industry and clientele in usually two weeks. We then incorporate SEO driven content into the website that is clear to understand, but helps your potential clients find you on the search engines. Once you approve your new website, we move it from the review area to your live website location. If you use us for your hosting service, we will be there to make changes when you need to update information, change a few pictures, etc.

Contact us today to get the ball rolling. You’ll be glad you did!