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Hosting You Can Trust

Hosting You Can Trust

One of the things that sets us apart from other website houses, is our stellar hosting services. Not only do we have a an excellent website development team, not only do we offer professional SEO (Search Engine Optimized) copy-writing on all our websites, but we also provide stellar hosting services.

You don’t have to be a Computer expert to benefit from a secure data center and top hosting speeds. Over the years, we have hunted for the most reliable, most responsive, data center using the latest servers and routers. It has been painful but we feel we have partnered with one of the best.

While most website houses throw our website up on the cheapest host provider, our fully redundant (N+1), climate controlled data center offers our customers reliability they can count on.  We have four Tier 1 ISP providers at all times – that means even if something catastrophic happened (think major natural disaster), we would have multiple backups to keep your data flowing. We also upgraded our own routers to carrier grade level for maximum efficiency. Our data centers are some of the most secure places on earth with armed guards, hand scanners and locked vaults.

Our background is business and technology – and we are always looking for new software, hardware and methods to compliment our existing tools.